Nowadays, automation systems are widely used in industrial and production environments. Within those, the machine vision inspection system, utilizing robots, industrial cameras and computers are extensively used for the purposes of raising production efficiencies and controlling product qualities.

Metron designed automated inspection system featured with many benefits including multi options for settings and functions, stable and reliable performance, and the bundled software and GUI are extremely easy to use and user-friendly! Turning on the system, the DUT passes through the uploader, transported by the robot or transmission belt and reaches under the machine vision system. Here, the dimensions, shapes, colors or other parameters will be distinguished and inspected accordingly. The system will then process and examine the captured images and sort the DUT automatically. After that, the resulting DUT will be sent to and stored in the unloader. The operation is accurate, efficient, automated and standardized, which can bring about unimaginable cost-benefit to enterprises!


Robots and Rails:

  • 3D XYZ operations.
  • Fast, accurate, reliable and easy to use.
  • Used in sorting and transporting.
  • 5/6 axis, Scara or Delta Robots are available for different requirements.


Robots: 5/6 Axis, Scara, Delta


Machine Vision

(Industrial cameras + Lenses + Software/Computers):

  • The system can be used in fields of inspection, measurement, locating etc. It is flexible and its parameters are adjustable.
  • Extremely high processing speed, precise, accurate.
  • Data and images can be recorded and backup.


Automatic Uploader and Unloader:

  • Structure: Aluminum, strong, firm, simple and condense, touch-panel to enhance communication.
  • Real-time production quantity can be counted and recorded. The system also featured with detailed problem tracking function and alert system sending out alarm by sound, light and script.
  • Can be set up according to the parameters of products for easy connection with other devices.


Automatic uploader and unloader