Nowadays, the structural displacements of tall buildings under strong wind and sunlight are usually measured with GPS. But the popularity and accuracy of such measuring system is restricted due to the limitation of resolution, cost and timing.

Through the usage of industrial cameras and long focus lenses with NI Vision inspection system, the long distance measurement of the structural displacement of tall buildings or bridges can be realized. For example, the displacement of Canton Tower can be monitored and recorded through Metron’s long distance displacement system, in which, the data can be used to justify the argument of the day-to-day shifting of the tower under different weather conditions.


Canton Tower Displacement System



  • High magnification industrial lenses with working distance as far as 1000M.
  • High performance industrial cameras with accuracy to 8mm at 500M distance away.
  • Sampling frequency up to 63Hz.
  • Using Pattern Matching Tool, the coordinates of target points can be inspected, and the real-time curve of displacement can be formulated and displayed.


Vision System and GPS data comparison