Allied Vision Technologies, one of the leading providers of cameras and components in the industrial image processing market, has been a valued partner of internationally active companies for years. Highly qualified development and application engineers as well as qualified optoelectronic experts have a unique know-how when it comes to a client’s individual solutions and applications. Once you have decided on the benefits of digital image processing, you will not do better than the FireWire cameras by Allied Vision Technologies.

The GUPPY Family is a new series of entry level cameras equipped with a remarkably small housing. With VGA, WideVGA, SVGA and XGA (Progressive Scan) resolution as well as EIA and CCIR Interlaced Versions, the Guppy provides 10 different variants (each in mochrome and color) for an easy and low priced transfer to digital image processing.

LUT(查找表) gamma 校正
色彩校正 AOI (感兴趣的图像区域),为自动调整功能而设的专用 AOI
Binning 像素合并 非易失性用户内存 192 kB (仅限于选定型号)
自动曝光 (45 µs – 67 s) 自动增益(手动增益控制:0 – 24.4 dB
用户设置可存储 触发可编程, 比如电平触发, 单触发, 多次触发, 触发延迟


  •  GUPPY F-033B/C, Progressive, 656x494, 58 fps, 1/3" CCD
  •  GUPPY F-036B/C, Progressive, 752x480, 64 fps, 1/3" CMOS
  •  GUPPY F-038B/C, Interlaced, 768x492, 30 fps, 1/2" CCD (EIA)
  •  GUPPY F-038B/C NIR, Interlaced, 768x492, 30 fps, 1/2" CCD (EIA)
  •  GUPPY F-044B/C, Interlaced, 752x580, 25 fps, 1/2" CCD (CCIR)
  •  GUPPY F-044B/C NIR, Interlaced, 752x580, 25 fps, 1/2" CCD (CCIR)
  •  GUPPY F-046B/C, Progressive, 780x582, 49 fps, 1/2" CCD
  •  GUPPY F-080B/C, Progressive, 1032x778, 30 fps, 1/3" CCD
  •  GUPPY F-146B/C, Progressive, 1392x1040, 17.7 fps, 1/2" CCD
  •  GUPPY F-503B/C, Progressive, 2592x1944, 6.5 fps, 1/2.5" CMOS