Speed is everything



The Accel Line Scan Series by Emergent Vision Technologies gives new meaning to cutting edge camera technology by utilizing a 25 Gigabit interface. The maximum bandwidth available for 25GigE is 25Gbps or 3,125 Mbytes/s and the usable bandwidth is around 24.5Gbps or 3,062 Mbytes/s. With release of the LB-8K and using an 8K CMOS sensor, the Accel LB-8K will extend the boundaries of line scan imaging and machine vision worldwide. It works with various vision applications and provides agile solutions to modern-day high-speed imaging needs of businesses.  

EVT Accel LB-8K is also the world’s first GigE Vision compliant line scan camera running 25 GigE. GigE Vision is a global camera interface standard developed using the Gigabit Ethernet communication protocol. GigE Vision allows for fast image transfer using low cost standard cables over very long lengths. With GigE Vision, hardware and software from different vendors can interoperate seamlessly over GigE connections.

GigE Vision is a widely adopted interface around the world, with dozens of leading companies currently offering hundreds of GigE Vision compliant products.



E2V Elite 8K CMOS Sensor


8192 pixels horizontal

Line Scan Mode

Single line - 200KHz - 8K Bilinear - 100KHz - 8K Trilinear - 66KHz - 8K

Sensor Scanning Width


Cell Size

7.5 μm (H) x 7.5 μm (V)

Dynamic Range


Digital Output

8, 10 bit

GPIO / Triggering

24V-max opto-isolated IO RS422 Shaft Encoder Module


SFP28 - 25 GigE

Trigger mode

Line start

Shading correction

Flat shading

Color Correction

Color temperature selectionof matrix


1024 point

Lens Mount

M72 x 0.75 thread / F Mount Adapter

Operating System

Windows 7/8 & 10, Linux (64bit)


CE, FCC, RoHS, WEEE, GigE Vision, GenICam

Dimensions & Weight

90x90x62 - 680g

Operating Temperature

0C - 45C

Storage Temperature

-30C to +60C

Power Requirements