The C42I is based on the same high resolution 42 megapixel 2D sensor as the C42, however, it features an integrated lens that makes it even more compact.


Resolution: 42 megapixel, 7716 x 5364 pixels
Pixel Size: 1.12µm square pixels
CMOS, Rolling Shutter
Color, HDR


USB3 interface
up to 7 fps
Dimensions, 39 x 39 x 31.2 mm
integrated lens


C42 Microscopy& Life-Science 

Application Webcam | Machine Vision | Security | Life Science | R&D | Education | Video | Medical | Computational Photography | 3D
Image sensor • CMOS, HDR, color noise correction, defect pixel correction
• rolling shutter with global start, 2/3“ sensor class, 1.1 um pixel size, back side illuminated (BSI)
• raw mode: Bayer8, total sensor size 7728 x 5368 (41.5 MP)
Region of interest (ROI) One user defined window
Minimum integration
• 4k: 8µs
• Full resolution: 16µs
Power consumption • Powered by USB 3.0 cable
• 350mA with OIS (800mA peak)
Frame rate • 7 FPS (frames per second) at full resolution (7708 x 5352 pixels)
• >30 FPS video at 4k UHD resolution (3856 x 2168 pixels)
• >60 FPS video at 2k Full-HD
Optics • integrated ultra high resolution optics
• software controllable SHIFT-LENS (X,Y) and FOCUS (Z)
• 79° angle of view diagonal
• aperture F/2.2
• focal length f=26mm
• mechanical optical image stabilizer (OIS)
• easy system integration, thanksto wide angle lens for short working distances
Body • dimensions: 39mm (W), 39mm (H), 28mm (D), weight: 71g, case material: aluminium
• award winning design, tripod adaptor
Interface • USB 3.0 superspeed (up to 7m cable with micro-B screw lockers, up to 100m with optical USB 3.0m cable)
• optional: external hardware trigger input (TTL)
Software support • SDK/API programming interface for Microsoft® Windows® 7/8 and Linux
• MVTec® Halcon®, Cognex® Vision Pro®
Requirements • Microsoft® Windows® 7/8 (64bit), Linux, OpenGL 3.0, intel® HD5000 or higher, intel®, Fresco Logic® or Renesas® USB 3.0