Alvium camera series for embedded vision

The Allied Vision Alvium Camera Series is an innovative camera platform that addresses the limitations associated with current camera and sensor modules for embedded applications, and offers system designers a previously unknown level of freedom. Powered by the revolutionary ALVIUM Technology, a unique System-on-chip designed by Allied Vision, the camera series delivers industrial performance to embedded vision with 6 key benefits for system engineers:

Benefits at a glance:

  • Integrated on-board image processing
  • Single board design
  • Easy hardware and software integration
  • Broad range of state-of-the-art sensors
  • Intelligent power management
  • Cost optimized design


The Alvium 1800 Series – Best of both worlds

Following all MIPI CSI-2 and USB3 Vision standards, the 1800 Series is an easy connector of the embedded and machine vision world. It provides sophisticated image control and triggering features and is a perfect solution to connect simple applications to both of these worlds.

  • Available interface: USB3 Vision/MIPI CSI-2
  • Camera control: GenlCamVideo4Linux2(V4L2)/Direct Register Access (DRA)


ALVIUM 1800 U Series

Model Sensor Sensor Size Shutter Pixel Size Resolution Frame Rate
1800 U-500 ON Semi AR0521 Type 1/2.5 Rolling

2.2 µm²

2592*1944 60 fps