High Speed camera, 4 Megapixels with 386/193 fps, Camera Link

The Bonito series is a high speed camera with excellent image quality and a robust metal housing. It comes with a very sensitive CMOS sensor with global shutter. This high speed camera runs 386/193 fps at 4 Megapixel resolution. Considerably higher frame rates can be reached with a smaller ROI (region of interest).


Benefits and features:

  • High speed camera, 386/193 fps at 2320 x 1726 pixels
  • Global shutter CMOS sensor (excellent sensitivity due to microlenses)
  • Robust and lightweight aluminum housing
  • High data rates, 2 x 10-tap Camera Link Full+ / 1 x 10 tap Camera Link Full+ with 80 MHz
  • Very low power consumption, 4.2 W or lower



  • Available with C- / F- / EF-Mount


Model Resolution Frame rate Type / Sensor A/D
CL-400 200fps 2320x1726 193fps(full pixel) 4/3 CMOS 10bit
CL-400 2320x1726 386fps(full pixel) 4/3 CMOS 10bit