Prosilica GE series camera is the predecessor of the GC series, is equipped with Gigabit Ethernet interface (GigE VisionTM) machine vision camera, the structure is very compact, very high sex Can. Gigabit Ethernet interfaces can still maintain very high frame rates over a long distance of transmission (up to 100 meters). Gigabit Ethernet data lines can be directly used by standard CAT5e Reticle. GE series cameras can be used in machine vision, industrial inspection, electronic equipment, traffic monitoring, license plate recognition, public security, intelligent transportation systems, character recognition, and aircraft There are many fields such as robot and surveillance. Larger memory, more I/O, volume is slightly larger than the GC series camera.


read the interest area (AOI partial readout) so that you can increase the frame

High speed can reach 200 FPS at 640x480 resolution

Gigabit Ethernet interface (GigE, Vision)

Compact structure

Asynchronous external triggering and synchronization I/O

Snapshot shutter

32 megabit send cache

Exposure control (exposure, gain, offset)

RGB output color camera

Support Windows, Linux, and QNX platform SDK

Model Resolution Frame rate Sensor size/type A/D
GE680 640x 480 205 fps 1/3" CCD 12 bits
GE1050 1024x 1024 59 fps 1/2" CCD 12 bits
GE1650 1600 x1200 32 fps 1" CCD 12 bits
GE1660 1600 x1220 34 fps 2/3" CCD 12 bits
GE1900 1920 x1080 30 fps 1" CCD 12 bits
GE1910 1920 x1080 32 fps 2/3" CCD 12 bits
GE2040 2048 x2048 15 fps 1.2" CCD 12 bits
GE4000 4008 x2672 5 fps 35mm CCD 12 bits
GE4900  4872 x3248  3 fps  35mm CCD  12 bits