NI delivers modular and easy-to-use solutions for a wide variety of applications ranging from simple data logging to high-performance automated test, industrial control, and advanced embedded control and monitoring. Whether building a new system, or optimizing existing systems, NI Module can help you need to improve competitiveness.

By using the NI industrial automation platform to advance automation control, high-speed analog acquisition, precise motion control , machine vision systems and human-machine interface (HMI), which can greatly increases production yield and most importantly, to reduces cost.


  • The core of NI industrial automation is graphical software LabVIEW and programmable automation controller(PAC)
  • High quality I/O—high speed and precise Image acquisition with result recording in thousands of industrial sensors.
  • Open—Connecting with PLC,Human-machine interface(HMI),Enterprise management software and Internet.
  • High performance—PID,Image processing and some other advanced algorithm are used for analysis and control.


In addition, PXI plays an important role in NI industrial platform. Throughout 10 years, the PXI system organization ( standard offers more than 1,500 products from more than 70 vendors.