VC smart camera is an independently operated machine vision system, developed and produced by Vision Componets Inc., Germany. The product is compact, rugged, and equipped with a complete image processing system. It is the latest choice for line automation.
VC nano Z and VC Pro Z built-in CMOS chip and ARM processor, from the point of view of programming and cost, is also a very good choice. Among them, the VC Pro Z series provides a wide range of interfaces, including Gigabit Ethernet, RS232 serial ports, encoder input, light source control and multiple inputs and outputs.

Model Chip Revolution
VCnano Z0010
VCpro Z 0010
1/3 CMOS 752×480
VCnano Z0011
VCpro Z 0011
1/1.8 CMOS 1280×1024
VCnano Z0015
VCpro Z 0015
1/1.8 CMOS 1600×1200
VCnano Z0022
VCpro Z 0022
2/3 CMOS 2048×1088
VCnano Z0024
VCpro Z 0024
1 CMOS 2048×2048