A full line of accessories is available for your zoom system.

Analyzer: When used in conjunction with a polarized light source it allows for cross polarization of the light in the imaging system. This reduces reflections that can deteriorate the image quality. The analyzer must be used in conjunction with the right angle adapters.

Eye Piece Holder: Use the eye piece holder and a microscope eye piece (sold separately) to acquire an image through the Zoom 6000 replacing the camera sensor with the human eye.

Laser Injection Port: Provides a means of introducing a laser beam into the Zoom 6000 system. Normally used between the base of the body tube and the infinity corrected objective so that the objective condenses the laser beam into a highly concentrated spot. A beam-splitter cube, rather than a plate, is used to minimize aberrations. The port is also useful for projecting targeting devices onto the object.

Reticle: Provides a means for superimposing a reticle (cross hair, micrometer scale, custom graphic) over the video image on the monitor. The information on the reticle must be contained to the size of the sensor.