Designed to be coupled to infinity corrected objectives when higher magnification and higher resolution imaging is required. These Zoom bodies can be accessorized with a variety of motors so that the solution can be automated and controlled with a motor driver.

Navitar’s motorization design integrates magnetic Hall-Effect sensors to reference position location. Users can choose to motorize the zoom and focus axis, or just the zoom. We have three different motor types available:

  • 2 Phase Stepping Motor (Faulhaber)
  • 5 Phase Stepping Motor (Oriental, Vexta)
  • DC Servo with Encoder (Faulhaber)
  • Fine Focus Type 2 ø Stepper 5 ø Stepper Encoded/Servo
    12 mm Motorized Fine Focus 1-62316 1-64439 1-62308
    3 mm Motorized Fine Focus w/ Coax 1-62317 1-64441 1-62309
    12 mm Manual Fine Focus 1-62517 1-64443 1-62516
    3 mm manual Fine Focus w/ Coax 1-62639 1-64445 1-62633
    Non Fine Focus, Non Coax 1-62637 1-64447 1-62631
    Non Fine Focus w/ Coax 1-62638 1-64449 1-62632