PIKE - Fast, Smart, Perfect

Allied Vision Technologies, one of the leading providers of cameras and components in the industrial image processing market, has been a valued partner of internationally active companies for years. Highly qualified development and application engineers as well as qualified optoelectronic experts have a unique know-how when it comes to a client’s individual solutions and applications. Once you have decided on the benefits of digital image processing, you will not do better than the FireWire cameras by Allied Vision Technologies.

With the PIKE, Allied Vision Technologies offers a new and smart high speed camera equipped with an IEEE1394b interface. Due to 5 different resolutions (VGA, 1MPixel, 1.45MPixel, 2Mpixel, 4Mpixel) each available in monochrome and color and 2 different output variants (Bilingual Daisy Chain / 1 x Bilingual + 1 x GOF) the PIKE provide a long list of different versions for fast imaging in industrial environment.


  •  IEEE 1394b (S800) 2 Ports (daisy chain)
  •  IOptional: direct fiber output (connector 2 x optical fiber on LCLC)
  •  Flexible AOI, flexible speed (full Format_7 support)
  •  Asynchronous image trigger
  •  B/W and color
  •  Very good image quality
  •  Natural color response
  •  Very high frame rate
  •  Compact size
  •  C-Mount
  •  Angled head versions
  •  Gain (manual, auto)
  •  Exposure (manual, auto)
  •  White balance (manual, one-push, auto)
  •  Auto feature reference AOI
  •  Real-time shading correction
  •  On-board color interpolation (Debayering)
  •  Color correction / hue / saturation
  •  High SNR Mode (16 bit)
  •  Programmable LUT

Smart Framegrabber Features:

  •  Single-shot/multi-shot/free-run
  •  64 MByte image memory
  •  Deferred image transport
  •  Programmable trigger delay
  •  2 programmable inputs
  •  4 programmable outputs
  •  RS-232 port (IIDC V1.31)

Available models:

  •  PIKE F-032B/C & PIKE F-032B/C fiber, Progressive, 640x480, 208 fps, 1/3" CCD
  •  PIKE F-100B/C & PIKE F-100B/C fiber, Progressive, 1000x1000, 60 fps, 2/3" CCD
  •  PIKE F-145B/C & PIKE F-145B/C fiber, Progressive, 1388x1038, 30 fps, 2/3" CCD
  •  PIKE F-210B/C & PIKE F-210B/C fiber, Progressive, 1920x1080, 31 fps, 1" CCD
  •  PIKE F-421B/C & PIKE F-421B/C fiber, Progressive, 2048x2048, 16 fps, 1.2" CCD
  •  PIKE F-505B/C & PIKE F-505B/C fiber, Progressive, 2452x2054, 15 fps, 2/3" CCD
  •  PIKE F-1100B/C & PIKE F-1100B/C fiber, Progressive, 4008x2672, 5 fps, 35mm CCD
  •  PIKE F-1600B/C & PIKE F-1600B/C fiber, Progressive, 4872x3248, 3 fps, 35mm CCD