Allied Vision公佈MAKO G-508B偏振相機隆重上市


Allied Vision announces the commercial release of the new MAKO G-508B POL camera. Polarization camera with GigE interface

The new Mako G-508B POL polarizer camera is equipped with a Sony Polarsens™ 5.0 MP IMX250MZR CMOS sensor that incorporates the latest four-directional polarization filter technology. The on-chip nanowire polarizing layer supports four orientations (0°, 45°, 90°, and 135°). Four pixels together build a calculation unit to determine for each pixel the intensity and angle of polarization, similar to the debayering of an RGB or color sensor. By using pseudo-color look-up tables for each angle of polarization defects and areas of stress can be easily visualized. 


Mako G-508B POL is suitable for a wide range of inspection tasks including:

  • Surface inspection (for example damage, flatness, scratches)
  • Low-contrast imaging (for example carbon fibre, tires, welding spots)
  • Material stress detection
  • Reflection reduced imaging